Back To The 90’s | Reebok Aztrek Tour

by Nelson
1 year ago

Oldschool is the new school


Chunky sneakers have been making the news again lately when big sneaker brands like Adidas and Reebok decided to bring the dad style of the 90’s back into the limelight of the sneaker industry. With Cardi B as front woman of the Reebok Aztrek campaign attention for the newly released model is secured, we’ll see how sales look like after the Aztrek Tour is finished.

Nelson brought you first hand impressions of the event that went down in Buenos Aires, see below!


Bringing back vibes of the 90’s a DJ and breakdancers made for the right mood at the Chelsea store located in the suburbs in the south of Buenos Aires.


Kickin’ it

Would have loved to see the girls in Reeboks tho.

90’s were really heavy on Hip-Hop and the sneaker industry is regardless, so you can imagine that the playlist of Bueno Classic was full of Biggie, Pac and other late pre-millenium heavy artists. What kind of music do you tie close to sneakers?


Priced reasonably at 80$ sneakerheads might see more and more of their friends and fellow sneakerlovers rock the chunky style soon. Your thoughts: soon-to-die trend or here to stay, what is your opinion on the “90’s-dad-style”?


Cardi on the front

Definitely the right choice of influencer from Reebok. Cardi is known for on-point outfits and pulling the attention on her. Also she is the role model for a lot kids, not necesseraly only girls, these days.


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Thank you Nelson for taking care of capturing the sneaker scene from Argentina, remember kids, we are one.



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