Battle Force One – Buenos Aires

by Nelson
1 year ago

On November 23rd Sneakerheads, Breakdancers, Customizers, Battle Rappers and fans gathered at the Battle Force 1 event hosted by Nike to celebrate the 36th anniversary of the Air Force 1. A silhouette that, to this day, dominates the sneaker scene was in focus and fans had the chance to get their own customs made by artists from the region. Nelson Kurlanz took apart in the fiesta and took some shots of what went down as one of the coolest events in Argentinia. Take a look!


Epic Dance Battles had the crowd focused on the dancefloor while one floor up people and fans had the chance to get their very own custom done by artist from the region.


Do you remember the final scene from 8 mile where Eminem took over the underground crowd in Detroit and made Papa Doc look like a jerk?

Possibly verses dropped here were not as dope as the ones from B Rabbit, but battle rappers there were spitting fire for sure.

At Battle Force 1 a jury decided who got to win, not fans. Nonetheless memories were made that night.


At any event, what’s most important is that people that go there have fun and enjoy themselves. We’re pretty sure they did, Nelson confirms.



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If you want to see customs and other parts of the party take a look at the pictures below, so long:


Sebastian from SNKRFOCUS



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Thank you Nelson Kurlanz for the coverage, more to come in the future!



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