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2 months ago


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Name: Giulia Zechinni

Age/Shoe Size: 26/UK 5.5

Roots/Current Location: Italy/London

Social Media:


What brought you into the sneakergame?

It all really started with basketball. My dad used to make me watch videos of Larry Bird, I would watch Pippen, MJ, Rodman. Their style, their sneakers obviously. I was obsessed with And1 mixtapes and my collection really started with Tai Chi’s.

I mainly used them to ball but I had them in every possible colourway. From then on it all snowballed. Am1 and 90s were the sneakers of choice, as well as 97s that we called “silvers” back in Italy.

Nothing was high heat, just great GRs that were “in” in Milan back in the late 90s and 2000s. I actually stopped collecting for a bunch of time as I moved countries 3 times and it got tricky.

Most recently I got back into it thanks to some amazing friends I went to visit in NYC that brought me to Extra Butter, one of the best sneaker stores I have ever been to!

The fever came back and now here I am.


What would you wish for to see more in sneaker culture?

I would love for female athletes to get their signature shoes, both for lifestyle and performance. There is such a gap in the market, especially for basketball, for shoes that are developed for the female foot, weight, style of play etc.


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Sheryl Swoopes got a shoe back in the day, and Candace Parker did a shoe with Adidas, but I need more!!! Some amazing silhouettes that I can rock alongside some more old school classics, and I want these atheletes to grow these profiles.

Some are massive sneakerheads with the likes of Sue Bird and Elena Delle Donne, so I think they could come up with some incredible concepts, colour ways, and limited editions.


What is the latest sneaker you bought?

After a couple of years of searching for the right price and most importantly size, I have finally managed to get my hands on a pair of reverse SBBs from the States. I am buzzing! It’s a shoe I’ve been wanting and feel like between MJ and the story of the shattered backboard in Trieste, it’s literally a little bit of me in a sneaker!

So much more heat incoming this year as well, but I am trying my best to stick to my “want” list and not expand too much! My bank will thank me 🙂


Where can people find you when they want to connect with you and what can they expect?

If you want to come for a pick-up game, hit me up as I am always looking for people to play with in London, so find me on the courts!

If you are further away, my DMs are always open for a chat. I do a fair amount of travelling for work too so would love to meet fellow sneaker heads around the globe.


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Closing thoughts/Looking for sneakers?

The sneaker community has been an integral and amazing part of my life, and I hope to see more women join the game.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what your collection size is, what your silhouette preference is, if you got into it because of your dad, sister, boyfriend, uncle, what matters is that we all love the same thing and most community members are so open to teaching and sharing insights.

It is truly amazing. So women, if you are looking to build your collection, have a chat, meet likeminded women, join the Sneaker Sisterhood on Facebook and IG!


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Giulia Zed ⚡️ (@giuliaz12) am