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Jerome Whitfield – Photography & Gear

A technical look at what you need to get started in photography.

Creator: 215shooter | @215shooter

Hello all, alot of you know me as 215shooter, but i was formally jam_master_jays. I’m just your average guy with a passion to create!

You are a professional photographer right? How much money do you make and have you turned photography to your full-time job yet?

In terms of industry yes, but i would consider myself a mid-level photographer at best. I work a 9-5 so photography takes a back seat to my day job. However, long term goals is to do photography full-time!

As far as money i cant get to much into prices as its a cat and mouse game with a lot of photographers and there rates. Lets just say the money is good as long as you apply yourself and don’t short change yourself!


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Do you pursue a special tactic when it comes to social media? Which channel do you focus the most on and if you could start over would you do the same things?

No real tactic to be honest. Instragram has turned into a spoiled brat. It likes what it likes and its nothing you can do about it. Tons of people have a post schedule, I do not. I post whenever i feel like it, and that saves me alot of stress.

Because while to some, social media is everything, likes aren’t whats paying my bills. But instagram is my man go to followed by my website. If i could start over the only thing i would change is me taking photography seriously sooner!

Which camera and accesories do you use to take your shots? I guess a tripod should be in everybodies repertoire who wants to take photography seriously, but is there more?

I currently use a Sony a7ii, Sony MX100iv, DJI Mavic Pro and a Minolta XG1 film camera. As far as accessories go, i use a tripod, a off camera flash, a battery grip and a timelapse remote.



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A tripod should be everyones best friend. Theres no right or wrong answer, but i believe every serious photographer should at some point purchase a prime lens. What prime lens depends on the person.

But i’ve always made sure to at least have a 50mm prime lens. Most importantly knowledge of your setup is the most important thing if yu want to take photography seriously!


Please go in-depth here, which lenses do you use for wide angle shots, portraits, landscapes, cities etc.?

Wide angle shots i adapt a Canon 16-35mm 2.8L, 24mm 1.4L and 35mm 1.4L lens.

For portraits I use a canon 24mm 1.4 L, 35mm 1.4L, 70-200 2.8L and a sony 50mm 1.8 and 85mm 1.8. Landscapes/City Scapes I either use my DJI Mavic Pro or any of my lenses under 50mm.

Please keep in mind all these lenses I use can be used for multiple things depending on the style of the photographer. 

How much did you spend on your profession and has it paid off yet?

Thats a good question. Money wise all of my equipment has paid for itself. But more importantly photography has gained me plenty of friends and amazing business relationships with some big brands/companies. 

What makes a good Photographer? Range of skills or specialization in one or a few certain areas?

Belief in ones own skills.

Theres to many people who think because you have a expensive camera its the reason you have dope pictures. Thats far from the case. I know people who could shoot wit the bare minimum and produce some amazing content because thats just how good they are.



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Like anything else thats in the “creative” realm, photography is opinion based. What you may think is dope, another may think its horrible.

How many times have you saw a person hire a photographer for something and you see the final results and your thinking “wow, i would not pay for that” while thats how u feel, that work you don’t approve of was approved of by someone else!

Just like sneakers! If you think something is a heater, thats your personal opinion. Guarantee there other people who agree with your opinion just as equal to peopel who think your opinion is horrible!

Can you tell us a bit about drones? Essential now for every Photographer or those to be? 

Drones, in my opinion, are not to be flown until you fully understand how the one you own works. Drones range from toys to beginner to entry level to mid-range to professional.

I can’t say its essential, because if you only do studio work or portraits then you wont NEED a drone.. but you could want one.



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I feel as though rooftoppers should look into drones to help cut down on that risk, however its just some things a drone cant do in comparison to tour handy DSLR/mirrorless ect.

I‘ve never flewn a drone but a friend of mine has one, is it fun? What are the prices?

Drones are very fun, my first drone was a mid-level that my father gave to me because he didn’t have time to fly it. As stated before, theres all types of levels to drones. That will determine the price.

As well as what the drone is capable of and so on. Some drones that come without a camera will cost you less then a drone that comes with a camera. Then you have to consider what magnitude of camera? Does it record video? Is the video 4k?

Does it have good low light? Do you have to purchase a camera to attach to it? These things will all determine the price of a drone!


Thank you, again, Jerome aka @215shooter!



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