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Do you remember the times when Michael Jordan broke his foot in the game against the Golden State Warriors and couldn’t play for 64 games straight? Do you remember that after he recovered, Jordan broke the record for most points scored in a playoff game? Then you’re probably older than 35 years old, owned a Super NES and you spent your teenage times on the block playing Ball with your homies.


This was also the times when sneakers became more popular and the music industry started to pick up on them. We don’t want you to spend time looking for yourself so here you have 5 music videos. All of them contain one or more sneakers and were made before the new millenium!


RUN DMC – Walk This Way

Let’s not talk about the most ambitious crossover event in history, alright? But remember, the song was produced originally in 1976 by Aerosmith. Ten years later Rick Rubin came up with an idea of a crossover, not sure if HE told them to wear Superstars or if it was part of their deal with Adidas, guess for yourself.


Michael Jackson – Jam

What do Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan and Mayonnaise have in common? Well two of them shot a music video together and the third one was used as a pretext so people wouldn’t ruin the shot. Lil Bow Wow can also be seen in the video that was shot in an abandoned neighborhood in Chicago. Do you like the 2’s in this video?


 Biz Mackie – Just A Friend

Storytelling at its finest! Watch Biz rap about being put in the friendzone while he’s rocking Black Cements (Air Jordan 4).


RUN DMC – King of Rock

Another RUN DMC track on the list because it’s just too iconic to be left aside. Adidas Superstars have been a classic ever since.


Boogie Down Production – My Philosophy

This song came out 1988 and is, in combination with the music video, one of the most memorable moments in rap history. The fact that Boogie is wearing Air Jordan 3’s just adds to the coolness.


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